May 2–5, 2023

Vilnius, Lithuania

Dear friends and colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that we are inviting you to the first Lithuanian Performing Arts Platform, which features on of the most interesting drama, dance and interdisciplinary art productions across different generations of artists, state and independent institutions, large and small scale, full shows as well as pitches, teasers, and informal networking events.
In the autumn 2022 we found out about the Lithuanian Cultural Season in France, which was planned in the autumn 2024. We have decided that we need to put our energy, resources and networks together in order to introduce French professionals to the vibrant Lithuanian performing arts scene. With this initiative we have approached Lithuanian Culture Institute, which has kindly agreed to support the event. Lithuanian cultural attache in France Austė Zdančiūtė and Amandine Canistro, Project manager of Institut français, have been our companions on this short but intense journey. Later on, we also joined forces with L‟Office National de Diffusion Artistique (Onda) in disseminating information to French professionals and inviting them here. We then decided to make the platform open to all professionals across different countries.
New Baltic Dance Festival has kindly agreed to host LPAP in its programme and venues thus allowing LPAP guests to take part in the Ukrainian dance presentations and other events.
And – most importantly – all productions on the showcase are presented to you only because the organizations / producers have kindly agreed to show them on their own costs. The showcase is a result of our common joint forces – various performing arts organizations enthusiastically put their resources, contacts and ideas for the first time to make this diverse and representative programme with no direct funding for the programme.
The programme is designed in streaks of theatre, dance and interdisciplinary art shows, and because it is very intense – we recommend you to choose your preferences and take some time off to explore Vilnius or to meet local organizations / individual artists. We are here to assist you with any contacts, information you may need.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your time with us!

Ana Ablamonova – Operomanija / New Opera Action festival
Gintarė Masteikaitė – Lithuanian Dance Information Centre / New Baltic Dance festival
Kristina Savickienė – Theatre Information Centre / Sirenos festival
Vidas Bizunevičius – Theatre Information Centre / Sirenos festival


Theatre Information Centre / Sirenos festival

Lithuanian Dance Information Centre / New Baltic Dance festival

Production house Operomanija / New Opera Action festival

Lithuanian Culture Institute

Institut Français

L’Office National de Diffusion Artistique (Onda)



Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

French Embassy in Lithuania

Sodas 2123

Depeche Coffee