Concept: Vilma Pitrinaitė

Directing and cinematography: Marius Paplauskas

Script: Marius Paplauskas, Vilma Pitrinaitė

By and with: Rasa Danilinaitė, Vilma Pitrinaitė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Darius Algis Stankevičius

Music: Arūnas Periokas

Based on the performance “Somaholidays”, nominated for the Golden Stage Cross Award in 2019.

Duration: 20 min.

At first glance, the film Somaholidays follows four characters of different generations, who visit forests and the coastal dunes of the mesmerizing Curonian Spit as tourists, or rather take part in a mysterious community reality show that explores the state of being on holidays. Through a collective ritual and physical fatigue, they are looking for ways to experience the state of “soma vacation” described in Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World – a happy, intoxicated state, catharsis, a threshold to a more real reality. Will they all be able to find the door of perception and leave the circle of memories and grievances without the artificially intoxicating substances that cause ecstasy and hallucinations called the “soma”?