Sakura Dream (In the Realm of Spirits)

Written, directed and choreographed by: Sakurako

Directed, camera work and editing by: Chris Rudz

Music composed by: Phil Von

Performed by dancers: Keiko Fuzii, Mina Nakasima, Yuko Nisimura, Tatsuo Nisimura, Noriko Omura, Sakurako, Phil Von, Satosi, Watanabe

Musicians: (vocals) Maiko Ito, (Jew’s harp) Butti, (Chinese fiddle) Chie Mukai

Duration: 13 min.

This is a short dance film, a prologue episode “In the Realm of Spirits”, revealing how the story “Sakura Dream” has begun in the ancient times when spirits and humans were striving together in harmony maintaining the precarious balance between the two worlds.

The spirit of Sakura was sent to the human world to advocate the law of impermanence, while the disobedient spirit of Typhoon has descended arbitrarily. In the transitory space, the senior spirit of wisdom summoned some assistance in a failing attempt to prevent Typhoon from descending in the human world. The senior spirit and the deity of tea has transferred their knowledge of dance and tea to Sakura spirit, so she could become the prototype of the geisha in the human realm. 

This is when the karmic saga of the love story between the geisha and the samurai stretching throughout countless lives has begun, telling the story of struggle between the mortal enemies, the impossible love and friendships lasting several live times to be revealed in the next episodes. 

“In the Realm of Spirits” is created by an international team united by Sakurako, shot at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan.