Idea: Dovilė Petkūnaitė

Dance and choreography: Rūta Butkus and Dovilė Petkūnaitė 

Cinemaphotography and postproduction: Mikas Zabulionis

Duration: 10 min.

A story about the queen of trash.

Is it the crackling and crackling of the sea waves, or the rustling of metallized plastic? This short film is only a moment about a human, a human tribe, which disrupted the organic construction of the planet with the foreign bodies polluting it. Will we succeed in becoming part of nature again, or will we remain the out-of-context intruders forever?

The film was filmed during quarantine, when the entire film crew knew they would have to quarantine nicely, but the crew still believed in the idea and wanted to implement it. All of the film’s locations are in one of the Canary Islands, and the idea was born out of a long time watching the Canary Islands live out of tourism, when a small island began to cope with the influx of tourists and things started to sink in all off us rubbish.