Erika Vizbaraitė, Elena Kairytė, Rūta Jekentaitė (Lithuania) – LOVE CHRESTOMATHY: Dance performance installation

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Duration: 30 m.

The dance performance-installation Love Chrestomathy  has united artists from different fields and invites us to consider: What is love?

The world around us is full of expressions of love – in songs, movies, art, pop culture. In the performance, recorded in the format of a video, choreographer and dancer Erika Vizbaraitė embodies a Creature who seeks to understand love. The desire to know love becomes the main narrative thread of the performance. The video installation consists of video works displayed on three screens, juxtaposing documentary with elements of dance performances and experimental cinema. The hybrid form of the piece will help to look at the theme of love from different perspectives – both anthropological and emotional. The video installation is shown in a space specially created for the project – a utopian cinema theatre of love.



The work uses film extracts:

Touch me Not (2018)

Rež. Adina Pintilie

Animal Love (1995)

Rež. Ulrich Seidl

D’amore si vive (1983)

Rež. Silvano Agosti

2023 Baltic Productions


Team: Elena Kairytė, Rūta Jekentaitė, Rūta Kiaupaitė, Vilius Mačiulskis, Danielius Bartoševič, Vytenis Kriščiūnas, Jonas Juškaitis, Iveta Macevičiūtė

Installation design: Vladas Suncovas

Texts & translation: Alexandra Bondarev

Poster: Lina Disciplina



May 07 2023


10:00 - 20:00


MO museum